Our Story


The short answer is that we're a lifestyle streetwear brand that is helping people develop the mindset to go after their dreams, by living out ours.

How it started

In December 2017 two young college students in Newark, NJ noticed they were saying "FINESSE" excessively to one another. It was pretty a common word going around in our city, not just between us. It became something that we just loved to say.

As a fun activity to do one winter afternoon we went to our local screen printing shop located in downtown Newark, and decided lets make something creative for ourselves. Due to the brutally cold winter days I knew a hoodie would be the best. Instantly I thought of the word "FINESSE" and had a idea of how I wanted to design it. 

Something that started as a personal design for myself, ended up getting a lot of attention and traction once I posted it on my instagram. I had people asking me if I could make them the exact hoodie. My first thought was sure why not? What's the worst that can happen right?

Spending $750 on my first order of 36 hoodies

I made 36 hoodies being that I did not have that much money and I did not really know what would happen. Started selling them to my friends, family, and a few individuals who asked via instagram. Within two weeks from me buying the hoodies I was completely sold out. From that moment on I knew I had something very unique in my hand.

Sending YOUR orders

Since we live in the digital age and people love to online shop, we sell primarily through our website to make the brand accessible globally.

We've shipped to over 13+ states in North America, that being said our goal is to reach every singe state. Eventually being known across the U.S and even make our way overseas. 

Enjoy FREE shipping on all orders over $100.

Making a Difference 

The biggest takeaway form our brand is really pushing our core values out to the world to inspire, achieve, and find a way to reach your dreams and goals. We hope to live out our values daily and hope to build a community of like minded people. Welcoming people from all walks of life, check out the rest of our lovely community on social media #FINESSETHEBRAND #FINESSECLOTHING